Concentrated Booster

Activate blood circulation, adjust and absorb start firming, 360° Comprehensive Anti-Aging! High antioxidant, anti-aging, keep your skin firm, refine pores, from skin hydration to barrier function, from sagging wrinkles to pigmented spots, from acne breakouts to healthy skin, from skin texture to radiance. A universal approach that works for everyone, Get healthy glowing skin in 1 month!


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VOSÉ Concentrated Booster

VOSE Concentrated Booster was developed to treat poor microcirculation. When this issue is solved, the body’s metabolism will relatively improve, and skin’s condition will be restored to normal. Skin’s absorption function will also increase, allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin for skin cells to be nourished for better results, and let you 360° Comprehensive Anti-Aging.

Natural Ingredients

Care of VOSÉ

Rose Extract

Ginseng Extract


Made in Korea

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No Additives

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55 years old

I have used many expensive products but my skin has never improved. Even after aesthetic beauty treatment, my skin back to original in a short period of time, which made my very helpless. After I followed Shilla's suggestion to try the VOSE Concentrated Booster, and I was surprised by the result! I feel my skin has become very healthy, my pigmentation are more lighter, and my sunken contours are starting to plump up! My eye bags also improved, and my look become more energetic! My friends also say that my skin look different, and I also started sharing VOSE Concentrated Booster to them to become more beautiful with me.


Sharon Liew

18 years old

Since primary school, my skin has become very sensitive and dehydrated due to staying up late and having an irregular lifestyle. I never dared to show my face, and I felt very insecure. After using VOSE Concentrated Booster for 1 month, I found that my skin's pH balance and has gradually stabilized, and acne marks and sensitivity have been improved. My skin has become more stable and no more acne. After using it for 3 months. my skin looks radiant like I have never experienced before! I'm so glad to know VOSE and my skin is still improving and getting better to this day.


Yuki Chong

44 years old

Before I used VOSE Concentrated Booster, I have used many brands of skin care product and didn't get good results. After Shilla shared this product to me, she explained to me how the product work and I choose to giving it a try. Until week 10, there were 12 effects on my skin: 1.Eye bag firmer 2.Clean and less acne 3.Elastic 4.Skin tone become white and fair 5.Pores minimize 6.Skin smoother 7.Look young and vitality 8.Less wrinkles 9.Firming 10.Reduce nasolabial lines 11.Reduce puppet lines 12.Reduce neck lines What surprised me the most was that in addition to the skin's better, even my appearance became spiritual, small bottle big power.


Chaire Zhuang

28 years old

Since using the VOSE Concentrated Booster, I have noticed that not only my skin texture has improved, but even the most obvious eye dark circles and eye bags have improved! And my friends say that my eyes not look so edema like before, the eye dark circles that had troubled me for so many years were finally improved, and I have saved the money for buying concealers! I am very satisfied and happy!

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